Useless to Useful:

an Ecclesiastes-like Journey of a Modern Woman

The Baker

Scrumptious, crispy cookies
Crafted on a whim
Gave a jolt of happy
When they all said, “Mmmm!”

Recipes galore
Chocolate, Mocha, Pumpkin
Butterscotch then S’more
Terrific taste slam dunkin’!

Each triumph in the kitchen
Brought me more acclaim
But still my heart was wishin’
For longer lasting fame

My cookies got consumed
Nothing left but crumbs
It’s frustrating I fumed
To watch my work undone

Useless, all is useless
The bitter Baker cried
Useless, all is useless
Time for another try

The Beauty
Meeting with the mirror
Make me cringe and sigh
The scale made yet clearer
Efforts should be applied

Exercise and diet
Helped a bit and then
New clothes and a facial–
Now stylish, sexy, slim!

Masks, make-up collection
Allies in the fight
To hide my imperfections
To always look just right

But I begin to wonder,
Sculpting my body,
Have I made a blunder
To focus on what’s seen?

Is there not more to me
Than pretty hips and lips?
Beauty Queen dream
Slowly sinks and slips

Useless, all is useless
The bleak Beauty cried
Useless, all is useless
Time for another try

The Scholar
Determined now to matter
I set out to learn
My intellect to fatter
As degrees I earn

Expert in my field
Such a worthy goal
Ignorance is healed
By taking tests–what? No?

Papers, research, projects
Busy up my life
But I sense a defect
In education’s strife

Stuck inside a snowglobe
My strivings have no impact
Graduation’s robe
Perchance the globe will crack

Useless, all is useless
The sulking Scholar cried
Useless, all is useless
Time for another try

The Worker
Finally in the real world
I have got a job
Usefulness now ensured
In the machine – a cog!

I do the junk they give me
Every single day
Take comfort in my coffee
And fight for better pay

Each paper that I shuffle
Each e-mail I write
Doesn’t seem to muffle
The real world’s ugly plight

This job was surely jinxed
Jammed chock-full of jerks
Whatever made me think
Worth is found in work?

Useless, all is useless
The weary Worker cried
Useless, all is useless
Time for another try

The Lover
Clearly my life lacks
The bonds and blessing of
A soulmate long attached–
I must find true love!

Magic, mystic marriage
Follows in due course
Exists no tougher pledge:
For better or for worse

Sleeping un-alone
Definitely a plus!
Almost can atone
For the fights and fuss

I thought that he would be
The comfort of my soul
He is, but sometimes he
Assumes other roles:

Laundry pile-up cause
Teller of hard truth
Finder of my flaws
Fib-detecting sleuth

Useless, all is useless
The languished Lover cried
Useless, all is useless
Time for another try

The Mommy
Still searching for applause
New adventure bids
I’ll find it now because–
I’ll have a couple kids!

They will like me more
Than anybody ever
(Once we’re past the horror
Of each stinky, smelly diaper)

As they learn to talk
The whining and complaining
Begins to make me balk
Enthusiasm waning

I love my bunch–for real!
(Especially when they’re sleeping)
But this gig loses appeal
Worn out, worries heaping

Useless, all is useless
The moping Mommy cried
Useless, all is useless
Time for another try

The Redeemed
Jesus said, “Dear woman,
You’ve tried so many things
Let your struggle be done
Let me be your King

When I am your King
Each cookie that you bake
Is a sweet offering
Shared for my name’s sake

The beauty that you wear
Don’t need much improvement
I made you as you are;
Love you 100 percent

Each lesson that you learn
Threads in a tapestry
Where wisdom is concerned
You’ll get that now from Me

The work you do each day
I see and I reward
Not with earthly gain,
With heaven’s treasure stored!

The love you learn in life
Ain’t perfect, but it’s good
Through love maintained through strife
My Love you’ve understood

Those kids that drive you nuts
Drive you to my arms
Trust and have the guts
Faith, hope and love to farm

Useful, all is useful
When to Me you cry
Useful, all is useful
I will set all things right

Useful, you are useful
To gain your soul I died
Useful, you are useful
When in Me you abide”

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