Under His Wings

mother mourning dove feeding babies

From Psalm 91, Deuteronomy 32:10-14 & Matthew 23:37

Come, come under His wings
Run, run to refuge from all things
The Son, the Son salvation brings when we
Come, come under His wings

Verse 1:
Little chick out in the cold
He weeps for you. He longs to hold
You in His arms forever fast
Dwell with you now and cleanse your past

Verse 2:
Little chick inside the nest
Believe the One who loves you best
Though arrows fly; fear fills the night
Your soul is safe. Just snuggle tight

Verse 3:
Little chick just know My name:
Rescuer, Protector famed
In your troubles, I’ll be there
Call to me, You’ll feel my care

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