I Am Never Late

From John 11:1-44 Jesus, come now Pain don’t allow Lord, I’m cryin’ People dyin’ Child, I love you Way too much to Let you have peace But not know Me I am never late . . . just wait Lord, why tarry? It’s so scary If you’d been here We’d have no fears Child, my … More I Am Never Late

Wood and Nails

Verse 1 The one in whom all things consist Descended from His glory To be a baby, weak, helpless A stable starts His story Snuffling snouts and heavy hooves Mom kept Him out of danger Just as the angels spread the news The Savior’s in the manger   Chorus 1 Wood and nails, Nails and … More Wood and Nails

An Easter Hymn

Verse 1: Friday was so black. Jesus was attacked. We nailed Him to a cross to die. We left Him in a tomb to lie. Saturday was sad. Jesus was so dead. That Sabbath we cried and cried. With Him all our hope had died. Chorus 1: But Sunday at sunrise inside His empty tomb. … More An Easter Hymn