Let There Be Light

from Genesis 1:1-5, Matthew 4:16, John 8:12, I Peter 2:9, 2 Corinthians 4:6 Verse 1 When God made the world with nothing in it Darkness dawned down on the face of the deep The Father, Son and Holy Spirit Spoke these words with power the dark to defeat Chorus Let there be light Light to fight … More Let There Be Light

Build Intentional Cross-Cultural Relationships

Christian, B.I.C-C.R., don’t bicker. To illustrate, let’s pretend. Jesus Himself used made up stories to illustrate his teaching points, so I think that legitimizes our strategy. Let’s pretend that we own and manage a store in a small town in America. It’s a town of thousands, but not tens of thousands. It’s a store with … More Build Intentional Cross-Cultural Relationships

The Lamb Stands

From Revelation 5 Verse 1: God’s sovereign plan sealed in a scroll No one is worthy to unroll Not creatures, angels, elders, man We weep to think God’s plan stays sealed Lion of Judah then reveals Though none could take it, Jesus can Chorus: Though slaughtered, the Lamb stands Though slain, alive again Worthy, worthy, … More The Lamb Stands

Christmas Treasure

from Luke 2:19 Verse 1 Joseph kept me though I’m shamed Angel gave us baby’s name Tonight no room in the inn Still He comes to save from sin Pre-Chorus Treasure glitters in my heart Lighting up a world that’s dark Each truth gleams like precious jewels Sparking awe – our worship fueled! Chorus Worship … More Christmas Treasure

I Am Never Late

From John 11:1-44 Jesus, come now Pain don’t allow Lord, I’m cryin’ People dyin’ Child, I love you Way too much to Let you have peace But not know Me I am never late . . . just wait Lord, why tarry? It’s so scary If you’d been here We’d have no fears Child, my … More I Am Never Late

He Must Increase

from John 3: 22-36 Verse 1: I have lived my whole life to please God Camel’s hair and locust in the wilderness People flock to me, even applaud The credit goes to God; heaven has blessed PreChorus: Jesus came from heaven above, but I’m so very earthly Jesus speaks the words of God; He alone … More He Must Increase