When Facing a Future of Unknowns . . .

I freeze. Our family’s future has been uncertain for well over a year now. We live as legal aliens in a Middle Eastern city. As such, our visas, apartment, schooling etc. all depend on my husband’s employment. We’ve been riding a roller coaster of yes-you-can-stay and oh-wait-no-you-can’t. And it looks like this July we’ll be … More When Facing a Future of Unknowns . . .

Covenant Keeper

Verse 1 (Genesis 3:15) In the garden God said Evil snake, I’ll crush your head You will strike the Savior’s heel But in the end your fate is sealed Pre Chorus He makes rules. I break ‘em. Still I am not forsaken I make chains. He breaks ‘em. His plans are never shaken Chorus Our … More Covenant Keeper