Isaiah 43 Song

Natasha Frizzell · Isaiah 43   Verse 1 I failed to ask God for help Handled life all by myself But all I had to offer Him Was the big burden of my sin Though all I had were my failures God volunteered as my Savior He alone blots out my sins And never thinks … More Isaiah 43 Song

Wet Worship

From John 10:2-4, Isaiah 53:4-7 & Luke 7:44-50 Verse 1: Standing sheepish in the pew How far I’ve strayed this week I’ve left God’s path to forge my own Forgiveness now I seek The Shepherd calls His sheep by name I know his voice and come He runs to me, not to blame But to … More Wet Worship

Mother’s Day 2014

Today is Mother’s Day. (At least for Americans and Filipinos.) My thoughts are drawn to my Korean friend. She and her husband have never been able to have children. Most would not consider her a mother. Today, she is flying down to Africa, where she and her husband support a kindergarten full of African children. … More Mother’s Day 2014