Nehemiah’s Prayer

Natasha Frizzell · Nehemiah’s Prayer From Nehemiah Chapter 1 Verse 1 Sin broke down all our walls Suffered fall after fall Great and awesome God above We appeal to your steadfast love Chorus Our Father disciplines His children Rebuilds with pieces of the ruins It takes fight. It takes struggle. Let’s join God, build beauty … More Nehemiah’s Prayer

Isaiah 43 Song

Natasha Frizzell · Isaiah 43   Verse 1 I failed to ask God for help Handled life all by myself But all I had to offer Him Was the big burden of my sin Though all I had were my failures God volunteered as my Savior He alone blots out my sins And never thinks … More Isaiah 43 Song

Ode to Flu Season

Luke 10:9 Heal the sick in it and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’ (ESV) Sickness sinks my spirit Sucks away my vim Feasts on me. Can’t forget This world was cursed by sin Healing like a portal Brings God’s kingdom down Bathes this basking mortal In the light of heaven’s Sun … More Ode to Flu Season

Just One Sinner

http:// from Luke 15 Chorus: What makes God search and rescue? Just one sinner lost outside the fence. What makes God throw a party? Just one sinner who repents. Verse 1: God saves the lost ones ‘Cause lost ones understand That they need a Savior Only God can make them found Verse 2: Jesus came … More Just One Sinner

Why wet worship?

Nowadays, I can rarely make it through a worship service without tears. Sometimes it’s the songs, sometimes the sermon, possibly communion or often the quiet meditation time at the end. It has become necessary for me to go to church with Kleenex tissue packets in my bag! Before you all rush me to the psychiatrist … More Why wet worship?

Wet Worship

From John 10:2-4, Isaiah 53:4-7 & Luke 7:44-50 Verse 1: Standing sheepish in the pew How far I’ve strayed this week I’ve left God’s path to forge my own Forgiveness now I seek The Shepherd calls His sheep by name I know his voice and come He runs to me, not to blame But to … More Wet Worship

A Mother’s Psalm

Piles of dirty laundry surround me Heaps of soiled outfits encompass me Musty, damp cloths and sweaty, sandy socks Spaghetti stained dress and hand wash only delicates From which there is no escape God, as I stain-stick, soak, rinse and repeat I know that my striving brings only defeat Clean today, tomorrow back in the … More A Mother’s Psalm