Death and Christmas

As humans, we’re creatures of habit, aren’t we? We have our special spots in the car and at the dinner table. We have our certain pew at  church. But when a loved one dies, those spots become empty. Your friend’s chair is unused. Mom’s house stays undecorated. Grandma’s signature dish is missing. The arms that … More Death and Christmas

Christmas Treasure

from Luke 2:19 Verse 1 Joseph kept me though I’m shamed Angel gave us baby’s name Tonight no room in the inn Still He comes to save from sin Pre-Chorus Treasure glitters in my heart Lighting up a world that’s dark Each truth gleams like precious jewels Sparking awe – our worship fueled! Chorus Worship … More Christmas Treasure

Wood and Nails

Verse 1 The one in whom all things consist Descended from His glory To be a baby, weak, helpless A stable starts His story Snuffling snouts and heavy hooves Mom kept Him out of danger Just as the angels spread the news The Savior’s in the manger   Chorus 1 Wood and nails, Nails and … More Wood and Nails