I Have Cancer

When they called me back for extra mammogram pictures, I was not too concerned. Happens all the time, they said. But as soon as the radiologist saw the new pictures, he asked me to stay for an ultrasound. After seeing the ultrasound, he asked me to stay for a biopsy. He did not say the … More I Have Cancer

Nehemiah’s Prayer

Natasha Frizzell · Nehemiah’s Prayer From Nehemiah Chapter 1 Verse 1 Sin broke down all our walls Suffered fall after fall Great and awesome God above We appeal to your steadfast love Chorus Our Father disciplines His children Rebuilds with pieces of the ruins It takes fight. It takes struggle. Let’s join God, build beauty … More Nehemiah’s Prayer

Isaiah 43 Song

Natasha Frizzell · Isaiah 43   Verse 1 I failed to ask God for help Handled life all by myself But all I had to offer Him Was the big burden of my sin Though all I had were my failures God volunteered as my Savior He alone blots out my sins And never thinks … More Isaiah 43 Song

death still stings

churches burned, churches bombed Easter Sunday morning harmed we are not safe; death still stings but to Jesus we will cling life on earth, sure can hurt God’s love we must now assert we are not safe; death still stings but Jesus knows our suffering hate can maim, hate can kill but God’s church prevails … More death still stings

Death and Christmas

As humans, we’re creatures of habit, aren’t we? We have our special spots in the car and at the dinner table. We have our certain pew at  church. But when a loved one dies, those spots become empty. Your friend’s chair is unused. Mom’s house stays undecorated. Grandma’s signature dish is missing. The arms that … More Death and Christmas