Nehemiah’s Prayer

From Nehemiah Chapter 1

Verse 1
Sin broke down all our walls
Suffered fall after fall
Great and awesome God above
We appeal to your steadfast love

Our Father disciplines His children
Rebuilds with pieces of the ruins
It takes fight. It takes struggle.
Let’s join God, build beauty from the rubble

Verse 2
We confess that we have sinned
Were unfaithful, stand condemned
Exiled to the ends of earth
You bought us back. We sing your worth

Verse 3
By Your great powr’ and Your strong hand
You rescued us, healed our land.
We delight to honor You
You glory in our hearts made new

Night and Day – we pray
The hearts of kings our God sways
He alone – can save
The King of Kings we will praise

Chords and lyrics: Nehemiah’s Prayer

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