Isaiah 43 Song


Verse 1

I failed to ask God for help
Handled life all by myself
But all I had to offer Him
Was the big burden of my sin

Though all I had were my failures
God volunteered as my Savior
He alone blots out my sins
And never thinks on them again


Made in God’s image – to reflect Him
Cursed by sin’s lineage – reflection dims
The Redeemer came – to pay for sin
Has called me by name – now I am His

Verse 2

God exchanged His life for mine
Calls me precious in His eyes
He honors me with His vast love
No one can undo what He’s done

Gather nations of the world
God’s chosen who believe His words
Understand that God is God
No one else deserves our laud

Verse 3

Through waters deep God is with me
Difficulty can’t drown me
Though my way is set aflame
I will get through by His great name

Though stranded in the wilderness
God’s goodness I still witness
Refreshing water soothes my soul
So I serve my God as I go


God created me – for His glory
Salvation is the theme – of my story
His Spirit within – washes me clean
Now I reflect Him – God in me seen

Do not be afraid – I am with you
Do not be afraid – I am with you
Do not be afraid – I am with you
Do not be afraid

Isaiah 43 Song

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