death still stings

churches burned, churches bombed
Easter Sunday morning harmed
we are not safe; death still stings
but to Jesus we will cling

life on earth, sure can hurt
God’s love we must now assert
we are not safe; death still stings
but Jesus knows our suffering

hate can maim, hate can kill
but God’s church prevails still
we are not safe; death still stings
but praise to God we fiercely sing

forgive, rebuild, intercede
for God’s children now in need
we are not safe, death still stings
to Jesus all our burdens bring

someday death itself will die
Jesus Christ will reign on high
we will be safe; death won’t sting
united ever worshiping
Jesus, Savior, Lord, and King

2 thoughts on “death still stings

  1. By your like at “Being Woven,” Natasha, I found you over here!
    The roller coaster of this life on earth brings sorrow and wonder, but Jesus reigns on the throne and we know where we are going! Amen. Thanks for coming by. I heard you were in Lufkin not too long ago. Take care!


    1. Thanks, Linda! Glad you are a fellow blogger, and we can keep in touch and share our deep thoughts here on wordpress. Jesus is worth writing about! We’ll be back in Lufkin for a visit after we finish school.

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