Treasure in Heaven

from Matthew 6:19-34

Verse 1:
If I’ve got needs, my God meets them
If I’ve got wants, my God unseats them
If I’ve got sins, I repent
If I’ve got God, I am content

Storing up my treasures in heaven
Forgiving ’cause I’ve been forgiven
Loving ’cause I am so loved
My greatest treasure up above
Is God Himself and His great love

Verse 2:
If I’ve got more, worries multiply
If I’ve got less, God’s blessing in disguise
Focused on evil, I’m filled with night
Focused on Jesus, I’m filled with light

Verse 3:
If I’m a bird, my God feeds me
If I’m a flower, He clothes me pretty
If I have fears, I confess them
God gives me, His peace to rest in

Seeking first for God’s kingdom
Guided there by God’s loved Son
Counting earthly stuff as loss
For Him who thought me worth the cross
For Him who thought me worth the cross

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