Free Christian Play Script

Title: God’s Good in Joseph’s Journey

Cast size: 30 (But could be done with as few as 10 if your actors are willing to double and triple up on roles)

Performance time: 45 minutes

Contains: 5 Acts and 3 original songs

Act I:
Parents break the news to their children of an impending move to Dubai leading to Dad remembering an applicable Bible story.
Act II:
Joseph’s 10 brothers see him coming and discuss what they will do with him. (Sheep were included here to give our preschoolers roles to play.)
Act III:
A narrator and 2 songs briefly tell of Joseph’s experiences in Egypt.
Act IV:
Joseph tells his Egyptian family about his reunification with his brothers and how God’s sovereignty worked all things out for good.
Act V:
The family relate God’s sovereignty to their move and to the good news of salvation through Jesus. Ends with a song finale.

PDF of the play script:
Joseph script

Song Lead Sheets:



Author’s Note: I wrote this play for a group of homeschoolers in Dubai. I would love for it to be used again sometimes. If you do decide to perform this play, all I ask is that you send me an invitation to the performance!

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