Humble on a Donkey

from Zechariah 9:9-13

Verse 1
Prisoner down in sin’s dry pit
Let Jesus set you free from it
His shed blood: God’s covenant
Restores your life when you repent

Here comes our King, humble on a donkey
If you think that sounds kind of funky
That’s OK ’cause what you think don’t change Him
He’s still God, the king, and my salvation

Verse 2
Let God bend you like a bow
His Word, His ways, His Son follow
Fire only His arrows
Send God’s truth to every soul

Verse 3
Yield your will unto the Lord
He’ll wield you like a warrior’s sword
Piercing souls with His true Word
Take His gospel to the world

Verse 4
Prisoner who has been set free
Put your hope only in Me
Your safe stronghold I will be
So shout aloud; rejoice greatly!

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