Our Faith Does Not Shrink Back

from Hebrews 10: 35-39 & 12:2

Verse 1
Our faith does not shrink back
When enemies come to attack
Our faith grows and grows
God will arise; defeat all foes

Looking up to Jesus
Faithful faith founder
Looking up to Jesus
Our faith’s perfector

Verse 2
Are you sure God’s got your back?
You’re still sick and poor, in fact
Are you sure God cares about
Your troubles now? Why don’t you doubt?

Verse 3
My body’s sick; my soul is cured
In heaven is my treasure stored
I know God cares for me
‘Cause Jesus died upon that tree

Verse 4
The righteous one will live by faith
His confidence has reward great
God’s soul delights in him
Who trusts when all the lights get dim

For chord and lyrics pdf click here:
Our Faith Does Not Shrink Back

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