Let There Be Light

from Genesis 1:1-5, Matthew 4:16, John 8:12, I Peter 2:9, 2 Corinthians 4:6

Verse 1
When God made the world with nothing in it
Darkness dawned down on the face of the deep
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Spoke these words with power the dark to defeat

Let there be light
Light to fight the night
Light to show what’s right
Light that leads to life
Let there be light

Verse 2
When the world was dark with no good in it
Shone the brightest star all wise men to call
Light of the world descends from heaven
Jesus born this night a baby so small

Verse 3
If you walk this world with darkness in it
Come today into His marvelous light
Your sin-stained soul though blood red scarlet
His light purifies it; washes it white

Verse 4
Now this world has got God’s own light in it
Let His gospel shine through all that ‘cha do
Don’t hide it, on a hilltop set it
Let God’s glory glow for all men to view

God is light and there is no dark in Him

Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light lead sheet

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