Let the Bones You Have Broken Rejoice

from Psalm 51 & Luke 7:47


Verse 1
I jumped. Sin done.
Fell hard. Broke bone.
This pain you gave,
So I would reach for You my soul to save

Wash me, make me
Whiter than snow
Purge me, cleanse me
Deep in my soul

Let the bones that You have broken rejoice
With joy and gladness lift up my voice
Rejoice because You heal and restore
You forgave me much. I love you more!

Verse 2
Blot out my sin
Renew within
Create a clean heart
From Your presence never depart

Verse 3
Restore Your joy
I’m Your envoy
Sinners return
When of Your free forgiveness, they learn


Let the Bones That You Have Broken Rejoice lead sheet

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