God’s Got This

from Joshua 6:15-16, II Kings 6:15-17 & II Timothy 4:7

Montreal botanical garden
Montreal botanical garden

Verse 1
Lord, I can’t turn the other cheek
They will think that I am weak
If I don’t fight, they will win
Look at what a mess I’m in

But God says: I’ve got this
Trust in my promise
God says: I’ve got you
My love remains true

So let’s fight fears with shouts of praise
And let’s fight tears with “Our God saves!”
Battle sin with Righteousness
Battles win with obedience

Verse 2
Lord, I feel small and so alone
Help me know You’re on the throne
Enemies have gathered ’round
But God’s fiery army surrounds

Verse 3
The good fight that I should fight
Keep the faith shining bright
Other fights we watch and pray
Watch our God save the day

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