The Lamb Stands

From Revelation 5

img_2212Verse 1:
God’s sovereign plan sealed in a scroll
No one is worthy to unroll
Not creatures, angels, elders, man

We weep to think God’s plan stays sealed
Lion of Judah then reveals
Though none could take it, Jesus can

Though slaughtered, the Lamb stands
Though slain, alive again
Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lamb

His blood has ransomed us
Though sinners, we’re made just
Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lamb

Verse 2:
The Root of David has conquered
And proved His worth to all the world
He stands before the Father’s throne

He takes the scroll from God’s right hand
He executes God’s perfect plan
All sin to judge or to atone

Verse 3:
Before the Lamb a new song sung
People from every tribe and tongue
Joining the kingdom: all God’s own

Our prayers like incense fill the air
All earthly nations worship there
His praises fill our heavenly home

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