You Must Be Born Again

from John 3:1-16 

Wind sculpture, Montreal
Wind sculpture, Montreal

Verse 1:
Nicodemus came by night
He said, “Jesus, I’ve seen your signs.
I snuck to you just to say
I think that God sent you our way.”

Jesus said: Truly, Truly
You must be born again
The first time you were born in sin
Your sin works evil and loves the dark
Your sin keeps you and God apart

So you must be born again
A Spirit thing: like the wind
You can’t see it; you must believe
Eternal life you will receive

Verse 2:
In the desert when bad snakes bit
God put a bronze snake up on a stick
Like the cross where His life He’ll give
Look to Jesus and you will live

Verse 3:
God loved the world so He gave His Son
Whoever believes He is the one
Should not perish but have new life
He came to save. Come to the Light!


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