Christmas Treasure

from Luke 2:19

Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai
Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai

Verse 1
Joseph kept me though I’m shamed
Angel gave us baby’s name
Tonight no room in the inn
Still He comes to save from sin

Treasure glitters in my heart
Lighting up a world that’s dark
Each truth gleams like precious jewels
Sparking awe – our worship fueled!

Worship this Babe
Who’s come to save
Worship Christ the Newborn King
Treasure Him above all things!

Verse 2
Son of God the angel said
Softly kiss His downy head
Nestled now in lowly manger
He’s my God – no more a stranger

Verse 3
Shepherds freshly from the fields
Seek the Savior God revealed
Sweetly swaddled in the hay
Christ the Lord is born today

Lead Sheet:   Christmas_Treasure

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