He Must Increase

from John 3: 22-36

Hatta, United Arab Emirates
Hatta, United Arab Emirates

Verse 1:
I have lived my whole life to please God
Camel’s hair and locust in the wilderness
People flock to me, even applaud
The credit goes to God; heaven has blessed

Jesus came from heaven above, but I’m so very earthly
Jesus speaks the words of God; He alone is worthy

He must increase, but I must decrease
I must decrease. He must increase!

Verse 2:
I watch as my life’s work starts to crumble
But hear His voice and my joy is fulfilled
‘Cause what I built will one day fall and tumble
But I’m part of the kingdom that He builds

Verse 3:
People don’t need me. They need Jesus.
He alone dispels the wrath of God
Everlasting life with Him awaits us
Pointing to the Lamb as onward I plod


He Must Increase lead sheet

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