Covenant Keeper

schoolhouse, Maine
schoolhouse, Maine

Verse 1 (Genesis 3:15)

In the garden God said
Evil snake, I’ll crush your head
You will strike the Savior’s heel
But in the end your fate is sealed

Pre Chorus
He makes rules. I break ‘em.
Still I am not forsaken
I make chains. He breaks ‘em.
His plans are never shaken

Our God is a covenant keeper
What he says is what He’ll do
Our God is a covenant keeper
Every promise will come true

Verse 2
(Genesis 15)
In the desert, God said
Though your line is almost dead
Your family will multiply
As many as stars in the sky

Verse 3
(Ezekiel 36:22-32)
In Babylon, God said
Your heart is stone and so instead
I will place my Spirit in you
I’ll make you clean and faithful too

Verse 4
(Jeremiah 33:14-26)
In Jerusalem, God said
A Righteous Branch sprouts through David
He’ll sit forever on the throne
For your sins He will atone

Verse 5
(Revelation 21: 1-4)
On Patmos, God said
I’m coming back my bride to wed
I’ll make earth new, reverse the curse
I’ll dwell among you like at first

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