Wet Worship

From John 10:2-4, Isaiah 53:4-7 & Luke 7:44-50

Verse 1:
Standing sheepish in the pew
How far I’ve strayed this week
I’ve left God’s path to forge my own
Forgiveness now I seek
The Shepherd calls His sheep by name
I know his voice and come
He runs to me, not to blame
But to welcome me back home

My wet worship drips down
This praise a sacrifice
The beauty of my brokenness
Healed by His stripesThough my sins were many
He forgave them all
So I will show Him much love
As my wet worship falls

Verse 2:
Pierced for my rebellious deeds
Crushed for my dark sin
Beaten, whipped so I could be
Healed and whole again
Oppressed and treated harshly yet
He never said a word
Like a lamb to slaughter led
Offered for the world

Verse 3:
Sometimes joy is wild and free
Dancing in the street
Sometimes joy bows low with tears
And kisses on His feet
He is worthy of the most
Extravagant perfume
Break the jar and pour it out
For He has beat the tomb

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