Christmas Thoughts 2012

Reading through the news
On this “bless-ed” Christmas morn
I wonder is it real
That a savior has been born?

Firemen, police and teachers
Shot while on the job
In India an ugly rape
Leads to an ugly mob

In Syria a bakery bombed
Means corpses ‘stead of bread
In China a school bus crash
Leaves eleven children dead

Cancer’s won, moms are gone
Christmas comes with heartache
Little children killed at school
To Christmas Day cannot wake

Jesus, You’re the Savior
Why don’t you come clean up this mess?
This baby in a manger stuff
Is nice, but I suspect

For peace on earth, good will to men
It just seems not enough
What’s with shepherds, angels, wise men?
Bring law and order, strong and tough!

My child, says King Jesus
Through the scriptures in my heart
I clothed myself in flesh
And as a baby made a start

Of dwelling among men
So that all the world would see
You can walk this earth of evil
But God’s child and heir still be

I will not fix it now
All my sheep aren’t gathered in
Don’t fret about the wicked
For I will deal with them

Come find Me like the shepherds
Seek Me like wise men
Rejoice now with the angels
For I have conquered sin

Some choose to keep and nurse sin
Like a wild, vicious pet
But confess it and I’ll cast yours
Far as east is from the west

A pact sealed with a deposit
My Spirit with you will dwell
Then you can know true peace
Of God with us, Immanuel

I do not lack for power
Desire governments nor laws
I simply want your worship
Through all ages without pause

You cannot control others
Each alone must choose
Bow your will and heart to Me
Let Me reign in you

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